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#DanielDoes Mumbai- An International Research Journey

We’re back with a new city and Daniel’s latest picks from life in the field. On this exciting global journey, Daniel headed to South Asia to the Far east city of Mumbai, or as the locals call it, Bombay. This international research journey was a great one!  Check out his reco’s in #DanielDoesMumbai Stay- The Four Seasons Mumbai The Four Seasons Mumbai is a true five- star experience. Flanked by enormous gates, it feels as though you’re entering an unparalleled oasis. The high rise is located in a former industrial neighborhood in Mumbai that was once an epicenter for manufacturing. The impeccable service was at every corner, especially our gracious server Nigel, who took care of us every morning at the endless breakfast buffet. The other highlight, was the mind-blowing ginger tea that was served in the spa. The second the tea hits your mouth, you’re instantly soothed, notes of ginger and lemon dancing on your taste buds.   Eat- Shiv Sagar Located in the heart of Juhu Beach, I had my co-moderator Vinay take me to where the locals eat. I would be lying if I could say I remembered every dish, the plates of naan, stews and traditional Indian delicacies kept pouring onto the table at a rapid pace. One thing that I will never forget is the buttermilk. It is consumed at the beginning of every meal to aid in digestion. I had to feign delight for [...]

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It’s time to hear Daniel’s latest and greatest picks from life in the field. On this quick pop over to the South to talk sports, Daniel practiced his best ya’ll and prepped for some peaches. Check out his reco’s in #DanielDoesAtlanta   Stay- The Ritz Carlton While I’m not always the biggest fan of chain hotels, you can’t go wrong with the Ritz. The ambiance is so warm and welcoming. The bed was heavenly, the marble bathroom decadent and the plate of chocolate truffles awaiting me at night, simply divine. I was also a huge fan of the hotel restaurant that served fried chicken over a homemade glazed doughnut. Worth every last calorie.   Eat- JCT Kitchen I’ve been here a few times and it always brings out my inner fat kid. Nestled near Inman market, JCT serves up southern comfort fare with flare. The deviled eggs with bacon bits on top were mind blowing. The mac n cheese made me melt and I loveddddd my tequila cocktail. I can sometimes take or leave dessert, but their homemade banana split will blow anyone away.   Drink- Lure Another favorite of mine in midtown is Lure. Complete with a swanky bar and maritime décor, it’s a great spot to wet your whistle or dine in. Some of my favorite drinks here are the homemade spritzes that they concoct in house. They use unique botanicals and pair them [...]


The Power of Imagery: Creating Visual Experiences in Research Reporting

Whenever I begin designing reports for Talk Shoppe, I always spend a good deal of time searching for the “perfect” image to convey our insights.   Why? I’ve learned that most “non-researchy” people do not have the patience or time to try and understand a densely packed insights report if it’s not visually easy to digest. And they are not alone; some studies claim that over 80% adults learn more from visual stimulation than they do from written or spoken words. So, as researchers—it is very important that we use this fact in our reporting if we want our insights to be understood. LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES I was not always a designer—having been a research analyst and manager most of my career, I have often struggled with translating the great insights my department had into meaningful reports for my internal teams. In the past, I would leave meetings frustrated when internal teams would make decisions that went directly against the research I worked so hard to present. It wasn’t until later that I realized my reports were failing my teams because they weren’t presented in a visual way that aided their comprehension; I wanted to create reports that had “staying power.” In my time at Talk Shoppe, I’ve learned how to perfect the ‘research report’ for non-researchers and have found a few great (free!) resources and tips along the way that any “non-designer” can use to help bring their insights to life.  Knowing how much I [...]

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We’re back with a new city and Daniel’s latest picks from life in the field. On this exciting transatlantic journey, Daniel packed his favorite trench and headed East to the UK. Check out his reco’s in #DanielDoesLondon   Stay- Hoxton Shoreditch The Hoxton Shoreditch is located in East London’s hottest neighborhood. When you walk in you’re greeted by a bustling lobby, bar and restaurant. The cozy fireplaces round out the modern English library vibe. The rooms are on the smaller side, but designed impeccably. My favorite touch was the paper bag left on a hook outside your bedroom door. In the morning, it was filled with complimentary banana, yogurt, granola and fresh juice. The devil is in the details.   Eat- Dishoom I’ve heard the Indian food in London is a must. A friend of mine, living abroad directed me to Dishoom. After the 10 hour flight, it was my first stop. The friendly staff recommended I start with the Okra fries and they did not disappoint! Perfectly fired and seasoned to perfection. For my main, I had the lamb that was accompanied with an array of sauces that were bursting with flavor. I will be back!   Drink- The Shrub and Shutter Once the groups wrapped on Friday night, I decided to make a weekend of it and explore the city. I met up with some friends who took me to Brixton for the day in South [...]



Welcome to our new travel series #DanielDoes where our very own Sr. Research Consultant, Daniel Spadaro shares his fabulous finds from each city he explores. He’ll give us the scoop on where to stay, eat, drink and other interesting tips to make life in the field more enjoyable. Stay- Aloft Charlotte Uptown The Aloft Charlotte is in the heart of the Uptown neighborhood. It’s in close walking proximity to some of the city’s best bars and restaurants. The rooms were large, modern and spacious with sweeping views of the skyline. I’m also a sucker for a cool bathroom, and the frosted glass separated the shower from the bedroom. Eat- Stoke My favorite meal was found at Stoke, located inside the Marriott Hotel. The deviled eggs complete with fried chicken skin, bread and butter pickles are a must! Also, the smoked trout mousse accompanied with hush puppies were to die for. Pair them with a dirty martini made with local Covington vodka and you’re good to go. Drink- The Workman’s Friend After a long night of groups, we took our clients to the cozy Workman’s Friend, located in the trendy Plaza Midwood Neighborhood. This friendly Irish pub had a great selection of local beers, craft cocktails and two fireplaces both inside and on the patio. The gas lanterns and friendly staff rounded out a lovely experience. Bonus- The Ultimate Segway Tour Rarely [...]


Leveraging Immersion

At Talk Shoppe we’ve become a little obsessed with discussions surrounding the merits of immersive research and the power of observation. To round out and simultaneously expand our approach to research design that features experiential methods, we’ve been taking cues from other categories to source new ways to approach traditional research.One of our favorite sources of inspiration - across all categories – and one of our go-to sources for hot trends is the daily Cassandra Report. This report recently featured the share-worthiness of art installations as a backdrop for social media currency.What we love most about this is the idea that the person having the immersive experience accomplishes a few things all at once: 1) expands their appreciation of art 2) encourages their followers to have their own immersive experience 3) curates their social media feeds with unique and fun photos  Here I am having my own social media / art installation ‘moment’ almost a year ago. I guess I’m more of a trendsetter than I realized. There’s a fun philosophical exercise that goes something like this: “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?And maybe, in this modern era, the equivalent of that is - “if someone has an amazing experience, but doesn’t capture it on film and post it on social media where it can live on indefinitely, has it lost some important part of its meaning?”And then by that same logic, if we, [...]

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Our First Pop-Up Shop: How we took one client’s dilemma and created a fun and immersive experience

Our Pop-up Shop Premier. It pushed us and left us inspired. Talk Shoppe was approached by a client with a unique business challenge. They had new packaging and communications that needed to be tested ASAP but because of confidentiality, testing it in-store wasn’t an option. The first inclination was a traditional focus group. Sure, they ensure confidentiality and control, but we had something else up our sleeve. Something fresh, something that solved the ask of confidentiality and product testing, but also gave us insights we couldn’t have found elsewhere: our own custom Pop-Up shop. A Bodega was born. Complete with shelves, product, refrigerators, signage, etc. In addition, we tricked out the store with multiple hidden cameras to peek into the shopping experience from multiple angles. We also LIVE streamed the entire experience for clients and colleagues that couldn’t be with us. We blinked and suddenly South Williamsburg had a new store front. It took a lot of muscle and brain power. Not to mention a lot of creativity, resourcefulness, and flexibility. Our team spent countless hours scouting, prepping, shelving, designing, furnishing and ‘task-rabbiting’ to curate the ultimate in-store experience. We had to not only mirror a bodega, but ensure the space was suitable for research. We went to great lengths to include a cozy respondent waiting area, confidentiality screens, cameras & live streaming, client viewing area, etc. The team executed our vision in record time.  You can watch all the blood, sweat and tears [...]

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New Site, New Year

The team at Talk Shoppe is very excited for a fun and productive 2017.  To kick off the year, we are launching a new site!  You will see a lot of changes to our little home on the web in the next few months as we work diligently to capture the work we do, and to highlight the new innovations and methodologies we are deploying with our clients. Last year, we got together as a company to answer the all important question: Who are we?  Out of brainstorm sessions, we came up with a new look that fits us a little better.   We are a bespoke research boutique with a laser focus on creativity, innovation and quality.  Since we don't have a 'one-size-fits-all' approach to research, we felt that our logo and website shouldn't feel so 'one-size-fits-all' either! We also wanted our site to be than a landing page with contact information for our clients.  We have a plan to bring you content that is helpful, insightful and inspiring. As we move into 2017 and all the new changes that this year will bring, we can't help but feel good in our new skin and hope that you'll visit us often. Cheers.  

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