Passing a reefer, growing grass, or lighting a joint in your parents basement are quickly being outdated terms of the past. Now, indulging in your cannabis urges is legal in 10 states across the US, with an additional 21 states cleared for medical marijuana use. The script is being flipped from an underground, seedy cloud of smoke to a whole new world of weed.

Topicals, edibles and medicinal uses are just a few examples of how the cannabis rhetoric is shifting. In California alone, cannabis sales are forecasted to skyrocket an additional $2 billion by 2025. As the marijuana marketplace explodes and competition increases branding and marketing will become the only way to stay high.

As the branding battle of marijuana unfolds, it’s still unclear whether cannabis consumers will seek out a particular brand of cannabis, dispensary or device. There’s also different strategic approaches for positioning medical marijuana vs. recreational use. 

According to Olivia Mannix with the cannabis agency Cannabrand, “Products that are marketed for the effect or mood have stood out from the crowd. Also using marketing that is lifestyle based has been successful.” 

One cannabis brand example that stands out is Dosist. They have used sleek design and mood enhancing benefits to turn people’s heads. Users can choose to get blissed, aroused or calmed when taking a puff from a smart device that will ration out the amount of cannabis meant to be ingested.  Similar to the California gold rush, it’s a new frontier with endless opportunity in the wild west of weed.