Putting the “Amigos” in Calamigos

What we did:

This year was the first ever Talk Shoppe Summer Retreat. An overnight excursion into the hills of Malibu to refresh, recharge and refocus our team. The ultimate goal was to take us out of the day to day routine, inspire creativity and foster new ideas that will make us better, stronger and brighter.

Where we did it:

In order to truly inspire creativity and get our team thinking outside the box, we wanted a setting that was serene and peaceful. The Calamigos Ranch in Malibu truly delivered on this brief. We were able to unwind and escape in the hills as well as work hard with sweeping ocean views. The entire ranch and beach club are intimate, inviting and truly conducive to team building. Much like the tenants of Talk Shoppe, the Calamigos experience is artfully curated, custom and unique.

Why it matters:

By taking this retreat we not only recharged, but realized the importance of bonding with one another and the impact it has on our team dynamic. We all agreed that the Talk Shoppe culture is partially what makes us so special; its our people and the entrepreneurial spirit we all bring to the table. During our time, we were able to brainstorm freely on where we see the future of Talk Shoppe, resulting in innovative ideas that will ultimately have a positive impact on our clients. Cheers to a successful retreat!

Daniel Spadaro is Talk Shoppe’s Senior Research Consultant and travel guru. He’s constantly hunting down the latest and greatest spaces and places for our road warriors! See where Daniel goes next and follow his latest adventures in his travel series #DanielDoes