We’re so excited about the new custom research methods we’ve been using with our clients to answer challenging business questions.  We recently had a client that needed to speak to a very specific audience that isn’t always easy to recruit in a traditional market research setting.  We were able to collaborate and come up with a fresh approach to meet these consumers where they are and get actionable insights in the process in our latest Pop-Up Research project!

Testing a New Concept

Talk Shoppe pop-up research strikes again!! This time we popped up somewhere new, and popped some bottles for our awesome respondents as we revealed a cool new concept from a burgeoning new fitness client.


It’s top secret, so we can’t reveal anymore, but we can show you a few moments from the fabulous evening…. We selected the hip, new Jeremy Hotel in Hollywood as the scene for our groups.


Making Research an Event

Respondents were treated to delicious small bites and light, bubbly refreshments as we took them through the concept and discussed their reactions.


Turning Challenges into Succeses

What seemed like a challenge at first turned into a great success.  We were able to recruit hard to reach participants by making our focus group discussion an exclusive event.   We had a really great conversation with these core users that helped our client identify unmet needs in the fitness landscape.  We look forward to seeing how these fresh insights will help our client as they move forward with their ambitious goals.

Ruth Behr is Talk Shoppe’s Managing Partner.  She is proud of the custom approaches Talk Shoppe is exploring with our clients.